I didn’t get very far posting once a week as I intended in the past year. COVID-19 and 2020 in general was not conducive to jovial, weekly posting. I did keep journaling to vent and do my best to keep my sanity. Indeed, 2020 was by and large a year of grieving and anxious living. My sister-in-law passed in January 2020 due to an accidental overdose. A best friend passed in October of cancer at 46. Another of my best friends was nearly hospitalized due to COVID-19 in November. On December 30th, we lost Sean’s mom to COVID-19. I still can’t believe it.

Good riddance, 2020!

Yet, among the worry and grief, I also learned new ways to celebrate—Erin and Justin’s wedding in August, Chris’s new career in teaching–new ways to socialize, work, worship, recreate, etc. Some real fodder for blog posts. I know, I’ve made proclamations to post more in prior years. I am making a concerted effort to get into my right brain this new year. This means more meditation/contemplation, drawing/painting, writing and music making. Hopefully that will help me be true to posting more often.

I am so blessed that through my work, Sean, Chris and I received our first COVID vaccine son February 4th, and our second on February 24th, the day before my 56th birthday! By March 11th, we will be as immunized as we can be. Sean and I are already planning some camping and traveling out west this year to some of the national parks. More than anything else, I can’t wait to see people, face-to-face, to visit and not worry!

Stay well.



Love, Tan

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