In light of the latest school massacre in Newtown, CT, I think school teachers and administrators need to be armed. I don’t think “gun control” is a reality, as only sane people will follow the rules. I don’t like guns, personally, even though I am a cop’s wife, but this tragedy has made me rethink the need for greater self-protection for all. What is your opinion?

5 thoughts on “Teachers and school administrators should be allowed to carry guns as airline pilots do! Do you agree?

  1. ‘And for the LAST time, I TOLD YOU TO SIT DOWN!!!!!!’ A gunshot rings out, and the first grade has space for a new student. For some reason, I don’t think that arming teachers is the answer. Unless the nurse’s station has an intensive care unit attached.

    1. Obviously not everyone is stable enough, even if licensed, to carry a gun. What I think needs to happen is to have more S.R.O. presence in our schools. If would be assassins know that at least SOMEONE is armed and trained, it may be enough of a deterrent. Thanks for sharing, Karl.

  2. I think there should be armed police officers in the school. To hell with the budget….find the money! Policmen are better trained to respond to life threatening situations and better equipped mentally to react effectively

  3. Said with the greatest respect. No. School is no place for guns. Can you imagine your child’s kindergarten teacher with a gun? One that tiny hands might want to touch. I can’t and I don’t want to. There was an armed security guard at Columbine.

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