From the wonderful, timely transcript:

“Because what Psalm 46 tells me is that there’s a reality of a God of gladness and power and protection that is so far above my circumstances. Psalm 46 promises me that. And then tells me just to sit still and wait. And you know what happens when I do that. I just sit and wait on God and His Spirit touches me. And I experience the confidence that I need to make it through.

Not self-confidence but God confidence. I get a handle on the great unseen reality – God Himself. His power flows into me and through me.

All of a sudden the panic goes away. All of a sudden the fear is replaced with faith. God does that. We don’t do it. He does. But we just have to sit down and shut up. All of a sudden I have the clarity to think through the problem. To face the realities and to do what I have to do and to trust God for the things I can’t do.

Oh, and let me tell you. 10 minutes later, half an hour later, half a day later, the panic wants to come back, it does. The fear wants to come back. And when they come knocking on my door I just get still with God again. I go back to Him, wait on Him. Expecting and waiting.”