Have You Any Sweet (still unsolved) Mysteries of Life?

Some sweet mysteries: an unsigned Valentine and money that is Heaven sent?

Have you any unsolved mysteries in your life? I have two that I may never solve but they are happy ones, none-the-less. The first one I am thinking about is coming up on its two-year “unsolved” anniversary. In 2013 I received a homemade lace Valentine card that says, “I love you” in fancy, swirly script. The envelope’s cancelled stamp only says it’s from Southern Connecticut. My address is handwritten on a white label, in pen. “Tanja” is spelled correctly, but Moriarty has an extra “i” in it. I called around back then but to this day I still have no idea who sent this to me!

Today, I stumbled upon a second mystery. I ‘ve been on a tear going through old files, notebooks and boxes lately, putting decades of my writing into some sort of order. Am I merely stalling to work on current writing projects?

Anyway, I reached for my Bible bag thinking I had stored a eulogy or two I’d composed for friends and loved ones over the years and wanted to put them in a three-ringed binder.

As I started picking through the side pockets of the pouch, a twenty-dollar bill popped out! I jumped in that surreal moment when one finds unexpected money. A $20 no less, in my Bible bag?

It was folded in quarters and as I unfurled the bill, I noticed someone had written a message around the edges on the back. It says, “Dear Sean and Tan, Please accept this reverse offering as a token of my appreciation of your devotion, love and perseverance. Love, The Holy Spirit.”

Say what? Love from whom? It’s in what appears as feminine handwriting. Does the Holy Spirit have girly penmanship?

I immediately thought,” I can’t spend this! It has our names on it and a personal message from God!” Then I thought, “Who would leave me this?’

I don’t know how long this mystical money has been in my bag. I did attend a study group this fall and on occasion brought the bag with me. Yet, I can’t imagine when or how one of them would have made the divine deposit while I was right by it.

I suspected a friend of mine who’d likely do something like this. I had been in a study with her for months back in 2013. She claims it wasn’t she.

If it wasn’t CB, would the generous person please reveal him or herself so I can take you out for some, err, Heavenly coffee? But, if it was the Holy Ghost, please approach me gently and don’t freak me out!

Please share when you’ve received something mysterious or from an anonymous source.

15 Responses to “Have You Any Sweet (still unsolved) Mysteries of Life?”

      • Stacey

        Sean, I thought you were saying the spirit was a good sport, which totally made sense to me. LOL. Tanja, I can’t think of any unsolved mysteries such as yours, (which were really fun to read about).

      • tanjabuzzimoriarty

        I agree, The Spirit is a good sport and has to have a great sense of humor. Is there anything in your musical realm that has been unexplainable, mystical, Stacey? I remember about 10 years ago at choir rehearsal we were singing and suddenly this lilac scent just wafted where we were sitting. The windows were not open either.

  1. Karen Ward-Hathaway

    I loved your blog about “Divine Intervention”. That put a bee in my bonnet. I sure did have a few experiences that I have written about. However, I remember now that I neglected to write about one that was life-saving not only for me but for my child. Hummmm. I’ll have to fight for some peace and quiet so I can put it all together!

  2. DGReid

    When I was a small child I started receiving puzzle pieces in the mail. Just a few a day, eventually adding up to an entire puzzle. My mother was also getting pieces to a puzzle of her own every day. It was very mysterious and exciting till she blew the surprise and told me that it was Dad #2’s handwriting on the envelopes.

    • tanjabuzzimoriarty

      There is something exciting about “mysterious happenings.” Getting puzzle pieces like that must have been a blast as a kid. I feel the disappointment in you finding out it was Dad #2 (Thanks mom!) She was like a crappy kid in elementary school who tells all the kids there is no Santa Claus. Yet, in life when something mysterious or miraculous happens like a parametic just happening to be behind us when we had the motorcycle accident, or getting a barrage of messages of hope when one feels so hopeless are the mysteries i have to call miracles. May you see or experience something utterly unexplainable soon that fills you with that same joy and wonder when you received that first puzzle piece, D.G.

  3. Edna

    Way back, when we were farming, and the kids were little (Ward Jr was just at the age where he wasn’t sure if there was a Santa) and we never locked our doors, we came back from our Connecticut Christmas Eve party ( which was during the day-had to be home for evening milking) to find a lot of Christmas presents under the tree for the 3 kids and a laundry basket full of things for us. And an envelope with $50 in it. All the tags said from Santa. To this day, we have never found out who did it. We have an idea who might of done it, but no one would confess. And for awhile Ward Jr was very confused about Santa–me too!!


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