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Thankful on Three Year Anniversary of Husband Surviving Broken Neck

Broken neck healed. Gratefully living well three years after harrowing accident.

Today, (June 10th) I humbly and gratefully observe the three year anniversary of our horrific motorcycle accident where my husband Sean broke his neck in five places.  I firmly believe God sent immediate help and spared us from long-term injury, paralysis and even death! Here are two previous posts explaining what happened and why I say Thank You, God!  God sent help Man’s Craving for a Beer Saved My Husband’s Life

Click here to hear Sean’s theme song by Chumbawamba

2 Responses to “Thankful on Three Year Anniversary of Husband Surviving Broken Neck”

  1. Mom & Paul

    Praise God and His healing powers and plans for our lives

  2. maggieseven

    Thank God for your blessings, HWope that Sean will continue todo well.


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